Project Results

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These resources derived from the CF Train in VET project are made available to help you on your way to environmental sustainability. Please note that the questionnaires are in pdf format and you can also answer them in the link (just to see how it works, you will not be able to access the answers). lf you would like to edit a copy for your own purpose, please contact miguel_iturralde@cuatrovientos

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Useful Products

Guide and calculator developed by the students to register an organisation and its emission data to calculate the Carbon Footprint. It is available in three languages: Italian, German and Spanish.
Presentation of an application developed by the students to calculate the emissions derived from the use of the Internet for academic activity (YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp, email...).
Questionnaire as a menu to record the individual climate commitments we make to change our lifestyles and reduce CO2 emissions.
Survey developed by students to calculate the emissions derived from the travel of staff and users of an organization.
Guide and materials to carry out an energy audit of the facilities of an educational organization in a collaborative way.
Questionnaire to make an initial and final diagnosis on the commitment to sustainability of an organization.
Materials with challenges and tests related to SDGs 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 13 and 15, developed by one of the partner schools.


Good Practices

Presentation analysing by scope the emission sources of an organization, conclusions and proposals for improvement.
Video with interviews made by the students of a partner school that addresses the problem of mobility in their organization and proposes improvements for sustainable mobility.
Analysis and proposals for improvement made by the students of all the partner schools in a collaborative way on the environmental policies that exist in each partner school.
Environmental declaration signed by all the schools in the Association to make visible and disseminate the commitment to sustainability.
Proposal to incorporate the SDGs in classroom projects.
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